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Nov 28, 2022 (544 days ago)

I was working from home today and decided to go for a walk and talk on the phone. I decided to bring 2 packs of my new gospel tracts from TractPlanet just in case I saw anyone.
Sure enough there were some construction workers and I gave my tracts away and tried to explain the gospel.
The first man wasn’t sure he was going to Heaven and then later confessed he was an Orthodox Christian
A group of Mexicans were next. I asked them ?hablas ingles? Meaning: Do you speak English
While handing a few tracts to them.
They said no. So in my limited Spanish I told them Jesus is very good. God is good but sin is bad.
Drinking lots of beer is bad and women are bad except your esposa spouse.
They seemed to understand what I was saying kind of.
I continued to walk around my mission field aka my neighborhood handing tracts to various people. I met a few professing Christians
But I was simply happy caring for my neighbors getting the opportunity.
Who is thy neighbor?
- Anonymous
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