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Mar 2, 2023 (451 days ago)

Do you know what momentum is?
In physics, the equation for momentum is p = mv, the p being momentum, so momentum equals mass times velocity
The force it takes to start moving an object is always greater than the force it takes to keep it moving.
The same is true with evangelism. Today I re-learned that principle. It is always the first word, the first extending of my arm with a gospel tract that is the hardest. The first time we open our mouth for Christ is always the hardest. As I was in Walmart, seeing certain people passing by, wondering why I had little care for their souls, I began to pray. "God, show me how to love my neighbor." People would pass by. I would walk by certain people. I'm remembering something which brother Paul Washer once said. Some people are witnessing to the 10/40 window in Walmart. Maybe I am not as bold as I once was.
As the man in the electronics section was talking. I noticed he had such a flamboyancy to his voice and mannerisms, a feministic type of talking. I kept thinking "How would the Apostle Paul converse with a flamboyant man?" Seriously, what is the truthful, loving way to respond to these individuals? I did not have the courage to share with him a gospel tract.
But finally, after I made my purchase, I got the courage to offer the lady behind the counter a Roundtuit gospel tract.
It was so hard to witness. It is always so hard at start. Remember the force it takes to start moving is always greater than to keep it moving.
Now that the message of the gospel was out, I had momentum.
As I paid for more stuff, I offered another gospel tract, and as I was walking out the door, to an older gentlemen who may see eternity quicker than most, to a young man.
Some of you who are reading this are good....once the conversation is started. But really you just need that first step. The opening of your mouth. If you are filled with Christ, open your mouth and the gospel will come out. The momentum will carry you and people who need to hear, will hear, or read. It's not hard, pray for love and boldness.
And truth be told, I could have witnessed to a lot more.
- Jim
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