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May 25, 2023 (324 days ago)

I want to explain something... what is your goal? What is your goal? Do you want to hand out tracts? Do you want to preach to a lot of people? Or do you want to see a conversion take place before your very eyes? For me, It's the latter. Gospel tracts are great. They can speak when you are long gone, I use them tremendously. Ray Comfort says they are extremely effective. But usually Christians talk about praying for a door to open. Why not just give a gospel tract and open a door. People will ask "What's this?" There is your chance. You want to explain the law (to convict of sin) and the judgement and the gospel and then you say "There are 2 things you need to do in order to be saved: You need to repent and trust alone in Jesus"
Then you have the golden question. "When are you going to repent and believe?"
Today a guy at the YMCA told me he would do it next week. I told him what if he doesn't make it? I said the Bible says "Today is the day of salvation" Then he said ok, then right now.
I checked to see if he was serious, and he assured me he was and that he wanted to get right with God. I asked him if I could pray with him, and we went aside by the running track and I prayed that God would give him godly sorrow and true repentance and that he would experience true forgiveness of sins. He was thankful and walked away.
I believe God saved him tonight.
I want souls. I want true conversion. I want to see it with my own eyes. That is my goal.
- Jim
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