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Nov 19, 2022 (511 days ago)

We went to Red Robin tonight for a free birthday burger. As the young man was taking our order, I decided that I wanted him to pick a burger at random for my order, excluding the non-meat burgers. While he was still there I began to realize that this man may need the gospel, should I wait until he comes back later? I decided that there may not ever be a later and now was the time to ask him.
Before he left, I said “I have a question for you… a serious question.” He said yes…
“Do you know Jesus?”
“No…not personally”
I paused and said “You can know Him”
He said yes.
Then I said if you repent and trust Jesus, you can be forgiven
Then he said: forgiven for what?
In a serious voice.
He really had no idea what he needed to be forgiven for.
Then I used the law:
“Have you ever lied?”
He said yes
“Have you ever stolen anything”
He said no
Have you ever taken God’s name in vain, like OMG or JC.
He said yes.
I said these types of things.
See folks, people need the law to show them their violations against it.
To know they need a Savior.
- Jim
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