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Nov 25, 2022 (607 days ago)

Went to the grocery store and stealthily hid my giant Santa Gospel tracts in my hoody so my friend wouldn’t know.
As we were shopping, my friend walked off looking for something and I realized this was my opportunity so I greeted a man and gave him a tract.

When we got to the checkout, my friend needed something and walked off.
I got in line and saw an older man reading a newspaper and walked over to him greeting him and offering a tract. He declined but said something about going to church and Jesus Christ.
I went back in line and decided that I shouldn’t leave the line because that would be disrespectful.

When it was my turn, I was asking about her Thanksgiving and just talking with her and decided it would be wise not to wait any longer. I offered her a tract and she was happy to receive it.
But she told me she watched Steven Furtick.
Knowing the book of Ezekiel how we are called to be watchmen, I said “Steven Furtick is a false teacher”

I said the full truth is in the Bible.
I handed out several more before I left.
Sometimes you gotta be stealthy.
- Jim
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