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Nov 27, 2022 (546 days ago)

So, I was stopping by the grocery store today for some bagels to use in our new sandwich maker, I didn't have any tracts with me, because I wanted to be in a hurry and get in and get out. As I was checking out, I felt in my pocket a coin -- it was an evangelism coin with the ten commandments printed on one side and the gospel printed on the other. I saw a lady standing by herself and I decided to offer it to her and had a conversation about the law and gospel. She said she is reading the Bible in one year but wasn't sure if she was going to heaven. She had went to church that morning.

After questioning her and talking with her, I wasn't really getting anywhere. I told her to read 1 John because that is good for assurance.

I still had the ten commandments coin and saw one of the security guards and offered it to her explaining what it was. She didn't really have any understanding of the gospel but seemed to listen and she was happy to receive the coin.
- Jim
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