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Feb 11, 2024 (62 days ago)

The other day, I was having a rough day, then we decided to get pizza. I walked into a nearby pizza shop and ordered and it was going to be a wait. I decided to offer the guy behind the register a gospel coin. He said that his coworker would really like one. So I gave him another one. Then a customer was sitting down waiting and I started trying to witness to him. Another door dash guy came in and as I was asking the other guy if he was going to go to heaven, the door dash guy spoke up and said "I was just wondering about that in my head" So I shared a gospel coin with him and shared the law and the gospel with him, and he said that if he died tonight he would go to hell.

Since he was so humble and honest about it, I waiting a bit and said "Does that concern you that if you died tonight and God gave you justice, you would end up in hell?"

The cashier, the man on the bench, me, and this door dash guy was explaining his life story to us and all the hardship and trials he had gone through, How his wife committed adultery with a highschool friend after 26 years of being together and how his daughters stopped wanting to be around him. I felt, we all felt it seemed bad for this guy and his trials.

I had asked him "Do you know what God did for guilty sinners so they wouldn't have to go to hell?"

He said "Yes"
And then shared the gospel and Christ with him.

I think I was in that pizza shop for 40 minutes waiting for my pizza, but my day which was bad, had completely turned around. Not just because a couple people were listening to the gospel and seemed to be getting what I was saying, but because I realized that this guy got it hard and I got it good.

signing off
- Anonymous
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