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Dec 14, 2022 (486 days ago)

Went for an oil change at the drive up place. I prepared myself in advance by opening my glove box where all my Santa money Gospel tracts are.

The lady walked over to my car and I handed her a couple right away and she said she would give to her coworkers.

A man who worked there also walked over and I offered him one right away and he took it.

When it was my turn, I waited for an opportunity to ask the lady “Are you going to Heaven?” She looked at me for what seemed to be a long time and said “probably not”

We got into a conversation and she said she believed in omnigod or something and can pick truth from all religions.

I swung back to Jesus: “So you believe Jesus is a false prophet?”

She said she believed he was a prophet.

I tried to bring up crucial points such as “Are you forgiven?”

And one last time before I left, I pointed back to Jesus. But I acknowledged that I couldn’t change her mind and thanked her for listening.
- Anonymous
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