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Dec 7, 2022 (493 days ago)

Today I read Jim's story of evangelism right before I was due to leave the house to go to the supermarket. I was instantly mad because I was confronted with my apathy at the moment I had an opportunity to see people. So I begrudgingly put a few Gospel tracts in my bag as I headed out the door, thinking to myself "just incase God makes me bold", but I remained stubborn in my heart.

On my drive to the supermarket, God in His goodness started formulating a plan in my mind and softened my heart. Before I went into the supermarket I reached out to Jim to tell him my plan (so I had accountability) and asked for prayer.

While I was doing my shopping I bought four chocolate bars and as I left the building I picked out four people to gift them to along with a tract. I simply said "can I offer you this? Merry Christmas" with a big smile.

Today I also bought some treats and cards, I'm going to spend a few days putting together little gift packs with tracts in, I have enough for 100. Then my daughter and I will hand them out to supermarket workers and shop attendants leading up to Christmas.

Tonight I'm thanking God that Jim's faithfulness stirred me up on the other side of the world to give the Gospel to four people who wouldn't have otherwise recieved it today and soon 100 more.
- Carlene
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