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Dec 1, 2022 (499 days ago)

Ok, so today was a good night, I went to Kroger Grocery store with a hoody pouch full of Nativity Scene and Eagle gospel messages and started out with the security guard, who is armed by the way. I gave him a tract and explained the law and the gospel to him and spent around 10 minutes explaining it to him. Finally it came to the point when I said: when are you going to repent and believe?

He said ” the next time I go to church “

I reasoned with him that it might be too late by then, ” You carry a gun” you never know.

Because there was a recent criminal at a Walmart down the road who killed several people and then himself.

I said you should repent now.

He agreed.

I went about the store handing out tracts and talking with people whom I had already witnessed to in previous weeks. God is doing something. God and the glorious light of the gospel is in that place.

- Jim
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