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Nov 25, 2022 (548 days ago)

There was a young man walking on the other side of the road just now and knowing I just got an order of gospel tracts I wanted to give him one. I yelled “sir!”

He was about 50 feet away and looked at me. I said “Can I give you a gospel message?” And he faced me. I waved him over and he started walking over to me.
I said “I’ll be right back” and ran over to my trunk and got a giant Santa tract that is good for kids.

I ran over to him and handed it to him: “Do you know the Lord?”
He looked a little confused so I said boldly “Do you know Jesus?”
I think he nodded and flipped over the tract and started reading.
I asked him if he had a friend or brother to give another one to. He said yes and I sent him off with 2 gospel tracts.

Oh, and I wished him a happy thanksgiving.
- Jim
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