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Dec 6, 2022 (596 days ago)

On my lunch break I decided to go for a walk. I saw a group of construction workers building the wall. But before I left I grabbed 4 large Arizona teas thinking it would be good to bring them.

I also put a stack of gospel tracts in my hoody pouch.

As I was walking toward them, I got scared. I don’t even know what I was scared of, but I started praying for God to take away the fear.

I kept walking toward them and prayed for more love.

Finally I crossed the street and said “I am a Christian and I want to give this to you”
I said Christ died for me.

He said “That’s what’s up” with a smile.

And he said he was certain he was going to Heaven.

So I walked over to a big group of men and told them I am a Christian and I wanted to give them drinks free of charge and they were happy to take them. I asked them all are you going to Heaven? Are you good people?

One of them said they did something bad an hour ago

It was time for them to go so I offered Gospel tracts to as many as would take them.

I preached the gospel to my neighbors.

Just walk up to them, God will give you the boldness.

- Jim
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